(0:26) Unleashed [Requested]
 (2009) Epica - Design Your Universe

Requested By: LT

(4:44) Hero's Soul
(2004) Metal Church - The Weight of the World

(6:11) Miracles
(2005) Dark Moor - Beyond the Sea

(4:27) Dragonchaser [Requested]
(2015) At Vance - Dragonchaser

(5:05) In Nomine [Requested]
(2001) Adagio - Sanctus Ignis

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Xandria [Req]
Ancient Bards [Req]
Domine [Req]
Magnus Karlsson's Free Fall [Req]
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News From Epic Rock Radio

May 22, 2016 - (Kailef) - We're Still Here!

Despite the massive challenges that beset us this year such as the closing of Live365 and the massive increase in royalty fees charged by the collection agencies in the USA, we're still here. This is thanks in no small part the truly awesome group of people who came together on Patreon to donate to the station and keep us going when when we didn't have enough money to go on.

We've been fighting with Radionomy for the last few months, and we've all hated the advertisements that they add to the stream, and hate even more the geoblocking that caused so many of our loyal listeners not to be able to hear Epic Rock Radio. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The Canada-based SonixCast has given us a new lease on life with their incredible network and even more incredible fee structure. If things work out right, we're going to save money, get rid of the advertisements, and never have to worry about geoblocking again. Stay tuned for more info about this!

Those of you who are using our old stream - We're going to be discontinuing that very soon, because it costs us a LOT of money in royalties. If you're going to listen to Epic Rock Radio, please either listen using the player at the top of the page, via the SonixCast link in the Listen Now section, or via

Last but not least, Paul (FeuerFrei) has really stepped up to the plate and has done a huge amount of work on our new server. We're hoping to migrate over to that new server within the next few weeks, depending on how many more hiccups we run in to. Once we move, you can expect the website to respond much more quickly.

Keep it metal, my friends.

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January 31, 2016 - (Kailef) - New Royalty Fees force Live365 out of business

As of today, Live365 has closed it's doors. Epic Rock Radio has been broadcasting on Live365 for eleven years, and it's a terrible blow to us that they are gone. Unfortunately the reason that Live365 closed is because of the removal of the Small Webcaster's Settlement Act in the United States, which significantly increases the cost to stations such as Epic Rock Radio.

We ask that any listeners who feel that Epic Rock Radio is valuable to them to them to click here and visit our Patreon site and consider setting up a small monthly donation to the station to help keep us operational. Our monthly fees are going to triple in the coming months, and it will make it very hard for us to stay on the air. Some of you are donating upwards of $20 per month and for that we thank you sincerely. If you can't afford that much, every little bit helps! If all of our listeners donated just $1 per month, we would be able to easily afford the new royalty rates and stay on the air forever.

Our only alternative is to add commercials to the stream and advertising banners to the website, and we really, really don't want to do that. So please, if you can help, click here and donate to keep us alive and on the air.

My sincere thanks,

-Jarrod Kailef

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